Online Store Products Returns Rules

At the time of the order receipt you shall:

1. Check the package integrity;

2. Check the compliance of delivered products with your order;

3. Check the purchased product quality, its appearance (defects of cover, absent pages, inverted pages, blind pages) and completeness;

4. Save the invoice (in case of defective product return)

To avoid misunderstanding in respect to color and printing quality of the ordered products, please note that the original color and quality of the publications may differ from the colors and shades on the site, depending on the color reproduction of your monitor.

Return and exchange of good quality products

Return and exchange of non-periodical publications (books, brochures, albums, maps and printed music, sheet publications, calendars, booklets, publications on data storage devices) of proper quality are not allowed in accordance with the paragraph 14 of the List of non-food products of proper quality which cannot be returned or exchanged for similar goods of other size, shape, dimension, style, color or configuration, approved by the Resolution of the Russian Federation Government No. 55 dated 19 January 1998.

Return of inadequate quality products

Return of inadequate quality product is allowed if you received product with manufacturing defect, or hidden defect was detected when the product was used or the product does not conform to your order. Return of inadequate quality product is possible within the warranty period. The manufacturer’s warranty period for the Internet store products is 1 month.

Books and magazines are of improper quality if they have defects which cannot be verified when the goods are accepted: internal defects resulting in information loss or distortion, i.e. breaks, stuck together pages, absence of pages; items with defective congreve or blind embossing, holographic image, 3D illustrations, polymer films.

To return the products of inadequate quality you shall:

1) Contact the Internet store support service by e-mail to the address info@histlit.com;

2) Attach to e-mail scans or photos of the following documents:

1. Application for refund (in print form)

2. Photos, confirming the defects of the product

3. A copy of your passport (pp. 1 and 2) or other identity document

4. A copy of the invoice

The seller will determine if the product is really defective and should be returned as a low-quality product, and give a reply within 7 working days after the claim receipt.

3) After receiving the Seller’s response to send with the product returned to the address: 105203, Moscow, 16th Parkovaya street, 5, the following documents:

1. Application for refund (in print form)

2. A copy of your passport (pp. 1 and 2) or other identity document

3. A copy of the invoice

If you have any questions please contact customer service: info@histlit.com.